Goss (tristislupus) wrote in primus_group,

ANOTHER post?!

Well, after so much feedback, I decided to post the Primuscons I have so far. Some are good...some are AWESOME...some are "meh" and some are just crap. But at least there's something here for everyone.

You're more than welcome to steal them, use them, etc. I'd love feedback, and if anyone has requests or wants me to alter one or more of these for personal use, just ask.

Some of those on dialup, be warned: this may take a while to load!



Tommy The Cat:
Some of these were hard to splice... others (like the cats) were really easy. There's a lot of these.



My Name is Mud:



John The Fisherman:
Only one...

Wynona's Big Brown...:

Over The Falls:
A REALLY nice set here. One of each!


Shake Hands With Beef:
Gee, these look familiar...


Jerry was a Racecar Driver:

Totally Random:

Devil Went Down to Georgia.

Uh... this one speaks for itself. And yes, that's really Les.

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