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[03 Oct 2006|09:09pm]

i'm going to see primus in atlanta next month. very excited.
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Primus is Playing July 29th!! [19 May 2006|01:27pm]

Did everybody see that Hedgpeth Fest just announced that Primus will be a headliner??  It looks like it is right outside of Chicago, about 70 miles on July 29th,

Tickets seem to be really cheap too,  check it out at www.hedgpethfest.com

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[28 Apr 2006|11:55pm]

I'm curious as to who will be attending the Les show in Santa Cruze at the Catalys.
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New Stuff [27 Apr 2006|04:02pm]

I can't believe no one has posted anything in a while...

Quickie update on Claypool's Creative Collaborations (now that's a mouthful):

- Les has a novel scheduled to come out May 30th
- Les also has a film due sometime in July
- New Les Claypool Album soon:

If this has peaked your interest, visit lesclaypool.com and see the "whats new" page for more info.

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if you enjoy primus, you will enjoy fastizio [12 Feb 2006|12:28pm]
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Les Claypool on New Year's [14 Jan 2006|03:20pm]

[ mood | tired ]


Happy New Year!!

Les Claypool on New year's was awesome. He jammed at the Fillmore Theature in San Francisco, CA. At midnight, les did not play "here come the bastards" that he normally does. He did a fantastic cover of Jefferson Airplane's "white rabbit" and the show was done by 12:30 am. So hopefully he can put out a new cd, soon. if it be Primus, oysterhead, frog brigade, his fancy band,bucket of bernie brains, or whoever the fuck that mad man is going to jam with next. I went into a nice music store in redwood city, ca, and they had a nes dedign stand up bass, this is the model that claypool jams with live, i hope you know what i am talking about, so i played it and it sounded amazing. If i had the $3,500 dollars that they were asking, i would have bought one. My buddy made me a 6 hour vhs tape of nothing but primus live shows over the years, it's not bad for bootleg quality. I hope Les is out and about in 2006, i know he did the Jam Cruise again.



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[07 Jan 2006|01:27am]


LesPhobia is a forum-based free download centrum for Les Claypool fans.
At Lesphobia you can download everything around frontman Les Claypool that is not buyable in stores and on offical sites.
We are talking audience recordings (audio/video) and public released videoclips.

  • At the moment we are sharing:

    Frog Brigade (2005-01-07) JamCruise 4.torrent
    Frog Brigade (2004-01-11) Jamcruise.torrent
    Frog Brigade (2001-12-31) New Years Eve.torrent
    Primus (1991-11-13) Cleveland-OH.torrent
    Primus (unknown) Live on KZSU.torrent
    Primus (unknown) Live in Canada.torrent
    Primus (2005-10-29).torrent
    Primus (2005-10-29) Las Vegas, NV.torrent
    Primus (2003-11-15) Philadelphia, PA.torrent
    Primus (2003-10-25).torrent
    Primus (2003-10-21) Fillmore - Denver, CO.torrent
    Primus (2000-02-10) Austin, TX.torrent
    Primus (1998-12-31) San Francisco, CA.torrent
    Primus (1998-12-31) Oakland, CA.torrent
    Primus (1998-02-10).torrent
    Primus (1997-07-27) Horde, Detroit.torrent
    Primus (1993) Los Angeles, CA.torrent
    Primus (1992-03-20) San Jose State University.torrent
    Primus (1991-02-08).torrent
    Primus (1990) Spagetti western.torrent
    Oysterhead (2003) Les claypool & Trey Anastasio.torrent
    Oysterhead (2001-11-17) Utica, NY.torrent
    Oysterhead (2001-11-09) Utica, NY.torrent
    LesFancy (2005-10-22).torrent
    LesFancy (2005-10-07) The Quest.torrent
    LesFancy (2005-7-11) Atlanta, GA.torrent
    Frog Brigade (2005-10-21) New York.torrent
    Frog Brigade (2005-01-06) Jamcruise III.torrent
    Frog Brigade (2001-03-03) San Francisco, CA.torrent
    Frog Brigade (2000-08-19) The Fillmore.torrent
    Frog Bridage (2002-06-21) Bonnaroo.torrent
    Frog Bridage (2002-05-25) Mountain Aire.torrent
    C2B3 (2002-09-14) San Francisco.torrent
    C2B3 (2002-06-22) Bonnaroo.torrent
    Bob Cock & The Yellow Sock - 12 November 1993
    Les Claypool'S Bucket Of Bernie'S Brain - Bonnaroo 2002 (Video)
    Primus - Woodstock 1994 (Video)
    Primus - Fuji Rock 2004 (Video)

Ofcourse you'll have the possibility to share your bootlegs aswell. Reply to downloaded bootlegs, give us your opinion. Tell us about your Primus experience, and much more!
Please don't hesitate to sign up and make this the biggest Les Claypool sharing spot on the net!


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Les Claypool live on Dec 30th and New Year's eve [18 Dec 2005|08:27pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Hey out there in Claypool land,

Who got the new DVD? 5 gallons of Diesel?It kicks ass over 3 hours of Claypool. I am going to try to attend Both shows at the Fillmore theature in San Francisco,CA on the 30th and new year's eve. He is playing with his fancy band.

Talk later,


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is it luck? [18 Dec 2005|09:29pm]

For all you fans out there in Primusland that play bass:

would you say that you like bass because of les, or that you like les because of bass?
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New Les Claypool DVD [27 Oct 2005|08:36pm]

[ mood | drunk ]

Hey out there in Claypool land,

Les has a new Dvd coming out on Nov.15th, it's called something with Diesel Fuel in it. I forgot the whole title, bit it's 3 1/2 hours long and it has Frog Brigade, Sausage, Bucket of bernie brains and a bunch of other shit, that pretty fuckin cool, i can't wait. and Buckethead had a new cd come out on Tuesday, called Buckethead and friends "Enter the Chicken". It's buckethead with the Serj Tanakin, the singer from system of a down. It's good for die-hard fans of Buckethead. Well i hope this info is valuable to you out there.

Natureboy1982 is over and out.

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[31 Aug 2005|11:11pm]



i think it will work if people spread the word:

post <'a href="http://www.whitehouse.gov/president/gwbbio.html">tyrant<'/a> in your livejournal without the quotation marks, and post this in other communities.

here's to hoping the google algorithm still works with blogs.

hint: google search "failure"
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ANOTHER post?! [30 Aug 2005|06:22pm]


Well, after so much feedback, I decided to post the Primuscons I have so far. Some are good...some are AWESOME...some are "meh" and some are just crap. But at least there's something here for everyone.

You're more than welcome to steal them, use them, etc. I'd love feedback, and if anyone has requests or wants me to alter one or more of these for personal use, just ask.

Some of those on dialup, be warned: this may take a while to load!


PrimusconsCollapse )

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A post simply to post [27 Aug 2005|11:19pm]

[ mood | cynical ]

I thought that, seeing as how few post, I'd kick things up a notch. Here's some Claypool artstuffs. Just me in Paintshop Pro with some filters and time to spare. I made him unglamorous on purpose- proves the point that "stars" are people too. If you have time to kill, check it out.

 Claypool AspirationsCollapse )

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A big greasy hello from the new dood [16 Aug 2005|04:41pm]

[ mood | HI! ]

Well, actually, to clarify, I'm not quite a dood, but still. The notion's there.

I've had the most ROTTEN luck with communities... ergo, I'm slightly skeptical about joining this one.

The name's Goss, and my calling is varied. I'm a horror nut, Primus/Les diehard, feeble artist and author, and freelance goofball. I try to avoid live music like the Devil, so I have yet to experience LiveLES in person, but I have pretty much every MP3 of every song/group/whatever that Les has been involved in... primarily Primus, of course.

Hope to meet some rock'n fans and interesting folks. Nice little community you have here.

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[06 Aug 2005|01:44pm]

Hello everyone!

My band i play bass in just put up it's first song on the ol' Myspace! That'd be awesome if you had a listen.


thank you very much!
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[19 Jul 2005|08:35am]

Is this for real?

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the new Adrian Belew cd [02 Apr 2005|12:04am]

[ mood | horny ]

Im just tellin everyone to get the new Adrian Belew cd. it's called side one. it's good, he is releasing vol.2 and 3 later this year, but i don't know if CLaypool is going to play on it. i will talk to you guys later.


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What's Mr. Claypool Been Up To? [16 Mar 2005|10:58pm]

[ mood | full ]

Les and Gov't MuleCollapse )

If anybody knows what Claypool's been up to, let me know. I also got the Here Come The Bastards T-Shirt. That shirt rules! The Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains is a good album. Later!

Oh yeah, the Ozzy boxset comes out March 22nd and there's supposed to be stuff with Primus on it. Right on!

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[01 Mar 2005|03:04pm]

does anyone have all the Frog Brigade CD's on their computer? and if so are any of you willing to share??
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[08 Feb 2005|10:13am]

[ mood | awake ]

hey i got a new lj. it's funkadelicflame .

so don't get freaked out or just curious if i post under it, not that im very active at all...

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