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the new Adrian Belew cd

Im just tellin everyone to get the new Adrian Belew cd. it's called side one. it's good, he is releasing vol.2 and 3 later this year, but i don't know if CLaypool is going to play on it. i will talk to you guys later.

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i am a frizzle fry. In my country, a few people know about Primus.
I mean, i can wright in this LJ sometimes?
And pleaze, can you told me about Primus and Claypools curently work?


Claypool is touring this summer with the frog Brigade and as far as a new cd, don't know, he produced a cd for a women named Gabby-la la coming out in a month or two. let me know what else you want to know, you were not very clear. what country do you live in? Are you male or female and what is your age? write back.
my name is Kate,i am a 16 years ago, and i live in Russia.
stop, but Primus is brooked 2 years ago, and Claypool make a persanaliti CD,(eyeball in sky)... it is true?
maybe you have an information about Primus on russion language?:((
Do you know, they will arrived in Russia when they will tripping with tour?
and i am female:-)
my e-male:
Hi Kate,

Sorry i didn't reply to you sooner, been busy. your 16 and russian huh? i bet your cute.No i don't have any info on primus speaking russian anything. and i don't believe Claypool has played overseas in years. He did release a cd called Colonel Claypool's Bucket Of Bernie Brains, the big eyeball in the sky. i have over 60 primus bootlegs and all of claypool's releases. i could make you copies if you like and all i need is a address to mail them to.Right now primus is on hold again because les is with the frog brigade, his second band he started up. it's fun to talk with you Kate. e-mail me back. by any chance, do you wear thongs? later dude
I am so gladness, that you wright me back)))
hm, you asked me sooner about my attitude for wear by thongs... hm... it is so interesting question, yes, a like thongs and wear it sometimes... But why you asked this???)))
So... I haven’t local internet(((, and i cant to take some information if it so big and heavy((((... i have a 9 albums by is all(((( in Russia Primus is not popular((((.
Send to me your photo))) i like to see you)

Here's my list of Les Claypool Stuff: Part 1

1.Primus-suck on this
2.primus-frizzle fry
3.primus-sailing the seas of cheese
4.primus-pork soda
5.primus-Tales from the punchbowel
6.primus-mrs.Blaileen-cd single
7.primus-miscellaneous debris
10.primus-animals should not act like people
live recordings and bootlegs of PRIMUS
11.primus-live in Davis,CA on 10/14/03,3 cd set in Santa Cruz,CA on 10/29/03 in San Francisco,CA, 10/31/03 de fromage
15.primus-compilation, various live shows in lorely, Germany, 1997 at ozzfest, 1999
18.freakout,live on new year's 93
19.burning up woodstock,1994 in Cincinatti,ohio,1997 in Denver,colorado in 1990, 2 disc set on new year's 1998, 2 disc set in rome,italy,1990 with M.I.R.V., and Buckethead, 1999 in colorado, 1993 in Denmark, 1997 in Colorado, 1995
29.Live in Holland, 1993, 2 disc set in the bay area,ca,1997
31.primus-Sausage Demo.
and now various Claypool Releases.
32.Sausage-Riddles are abound tonight
33.Les Claypool and the holy mackeral
34.Holy Mackeral-live in Arizona,1996
36.oysterhead-live on 10/27/01,2 disc set
37.oysterhead-1st live show ever!5-14-2000, disc 2 set
38.Les Claypool's frog Brigade, live frogs set 1.
39.Frog Brigade-live frogs set 2
40.frog brigade-purple onion
41.frog brigade-live in 2000
42.frog brigade-live in 2000
43.frog brigade-live in 2000
44.frog brigade-live in 2001
45.frog brigade-interview with Claypool in 2001
46.frog brigade-live in Bonnaroo, 2002, one song
47.Bucket of Bernie Brains's at Bonnaroo,2002
48.Bucket of bernie Brains-advanced promo copy of the big eye ball in the sky with different songs.
49.bucket of bernie brains-the big eyeball in the sky
Part 2

57.Divination-buckethead cd rom
58.Axiom Funk-Funkcronomicom,2 disc set
59.phonopsychographdisc-ancient termites
60.phonopsychographdisc-turbulence chest-live bootleg
61.zillatron-lord of the harvest
62.Phonopsychographdisk vs. the filthy ape
63.cornbugs-spot the psycho
64.cornbugs-cemetary pinch
65.cornbugs-how now brown corn
66.el stew-the rehearsal
67.Buckethead-day of the robot
68.Buckethead-Somewhere over the slaughter house
69.Cobra Strike-the 13th scroll
70.Cobra StrikeII-self-titled
71.shine-heaven and hell
73.buckethead-buckethead land 1.,2 disc set
74.buckethead-bucketheadland, 2
75.buckethead-the clocks from hell
76.buckethead-giant robot
77.buckethead-funnel weaver
79.buckethead-electric tears
80.buckethead-bermuda triangle
81. buckethead with les Claypool-monsters and robots
82.buckethead-last action hero soundtrack, one song
83.death cube k-disembodied
84.buckethead-the power rangers soundtrack-one song forceefield-lee's oriental massage
86.pieces-i need five mintues alone
87.Ben Wa-buckethead and claypool and others
88.porch-prawn song records, released 1994, friends of claypool's
89.Gonervill presents-the freak brothers
90.Tim Herbs second band after leaving primus.
94.M.I.R.V.-feeding time on monkey island
95.M.I.R.V.-dancing naked in a minfield
96.M.I.R.V.-live in 2001
97. Brains band before primus- the limbo maniacs-stinky grooves
98.spent poets-self-titled
99.Mcm and the monster-convertible turtle
100.Go big-some band on prawn song records
101.trios- Les Claypool with Rob Wasserman
102.beavis and butthead-primus one song
103.airheads-soundtrack-primus one song
104.Claypool with Adrian Belew and Danny Carey-one
105.Gov.t Mule- live with Les Claypool, cd and dvd
Other releases i own.
on vhs- Primus-cheesy home videos
and some live bootleg from the brown album tour.
on dvd-animals should not act like people, all thier videos and and ep.
Hallucinigetics, live in 2004.
and i have shirts, autographs, posters and other things. i hope this helps you out and i didn't waste my time making this. I do make copies for people, just help with shipping and you can have whatever you want. please write back. and Kate, e-mail me at my e-mail address
at please.
and so this is a long entry, so i hope you get some info out of it. I do make copies, i just ask you help with shipping cost. and can i have a picture of you and your e-mail address please? when you e-mail me, i will give you a link to where i have pictures of me with Claypool at a meet and greet. until next time,take care,

)))....forever yours)))
it is wery cool,but i meen,i cant, take this(((
i have not local internet!...
(. i deliver for you my photo
and i wheiting your photo)
see you later)
is that guy from primus