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What's Mr. Claypool Been Up To?

I got the Gov't Mule Live album and the DVD has Mr. Claypool performing and playing a few songs with them. It's cool because they interview him before the concert--well, after actually. And Primus was playing a huge gig and the show ran over; so after his show, he ran over to Gov't Mule's show and played with them. He's also on a few live tracks on the CDs. Bottom line is, if you have $25, it's worth getting. It's for the die-hard Claypool fans out there. If you don't want to buy it, send me an e-mail and I'll gladly write down the songs he plays on so you can go download them. I downloaded one Gov't Mule song and James Hetfield from Metallica sings and Claypool plays bass. The song's called "Driving Rain" or something like that. Good song.

If anybody knows what Claypool's been up to, let me know. I also got the Here Come The Bastards T-Shirt. That shirt rules! The Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains is a good album. Later!

Oh yeah, the Ozzy boxset comes out March 22nd and there's supposed to be stuff with Primus on it. Right on!
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